United We Stand

WJCT’s Melissa Ross and UNF’s Matt Corrigan discuss our crazy political reality as sanely as possible. And they do it by welcoming big names to discuss the disruptive impact of the Trump administration. They’ve interviewed everyone from Rick Wilson to John Dean to the “BBC Dad!” Two political junkies discuss the biggest political story of their careers- and you never know who might pop up on the podcast next!

Matt & Melissa in Studio

Every episode is recorded in the heart of downtown Jacksonville at WJCT Studios. Matt & Melissa are extremely passionate about this topic and are thrilled to provide their listeners with engaging, thoughtful insight into the current political situation the nation faces under the Trump administration.

wjct studios

Featured Shows

Episode 27- Asha Rangappa On the Gravity of the #RussiaProbe

Episode 26- GOP Strategist Rick Wilson Explains Why “Everything Trump Touches Dies”

In Episode 26, GOP strategist and #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson weighs in on the latest developments in the Russia probe, and his new book (and film), “Everything Trump Touches Dies.” A very lively discussion (although Wilson did not threaten to gut anyone like a fish, so that’s good.) Dive in here: